I don't fly WWII era flying machines (yet), but I love driving my old school Jeep and tuning in to the transistor radio.

I have been working in the software industry for over a decade developing web sites, custom web applications and web & Windows services. VON SAZKIN is a venture I set up to take all the experience I have learnt whilst working for 'the man', build upon it, and deliver a friendly, affordable and professional approach to doing business.



Client Testimonials

"Sachin is simply outstanding! Being able to delegate a project completely and then be surprised by the outcome... that just doesn't happen very often. Long story short, he gave us what has come to be the best website we ever had in a very short time."–Amanda Plotner

"Working with Sachin has been a pleasure from the start. He developed a new website for Downtown Kansas City Property Management (DKCPM) which I am very pleased with. He also developed a bunch of other websites at a very reasonable price with all the features and requirements asked for and then some. He also made the normally painful process of moving my web and email hosting simple and easy. And I know that he will sort out any issues I have very quickly, which is invaluable!"–Paul Wickham

"Sachin is a brilliant, funny, and competent designer and developer. But perhaps more important than his uncanny ability to make you laugh is his commitment going the extra mile for all of his clients."–Wayne Reeder

"Sachin has always exceeded my expectations, designing beautiful things that actually work and make sense to users. He did in less than a month what another team could not accomplish in more than three and at a great price. He is a brand specialist, UI engineer, core developer and visionary artist all wrapped up into one package. He has always been there for support and upgrades, however small, and has been excellent at it. It shows his care for his clients."–Robert Smith